Packaging enhances shelflife of tomatoes on the vine

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Datum: 8 mei 2013

Tomatoes on the vine are usually packed in cardboard boxes or plastic trays and flowpacked with macro perforated polypropylene film (Folio-Fresh®).

Upon prolonged storage, moisture can build up inside the pack, and may cause mold to form on the green parts.


NNZ commissioned shelf life testing for tomatoes on the vine via Wageningen University. The results show that packaging enhances shelf life!



% soft tomatoes

% weight loss



none 47 2,4 5,4 no
Folio-Fresh® macro perforated 28 1,8 5,9 yes
Flow-Fresh® film with net 28 1,8 5,9 no

Test conditions: Eleven days after harvesting, storage at 20degr.C and 80% relative humidity.

Compared to unpacked tomatoes, Folio-Fresh® preserves firmness of the tomatoes, higher Brix and less weight loss.

Using a film with a portion of net material (Flow-Fresh®), mold formation was still absent eleven days after harvesting. If you are Interested in testing our packaging solutions please contact us for further information.


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